How to Get Better Skin Tone

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Better skin tone makes you look younger and healthier. Get better skin tone with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christine, I'm a beauty expert. And I'm going to show you how to get better skin tone. This is really easy to do there's a couple of steps. And the first thing we are going to use is actually a really fine scrub. And we are going to put this on the skin and we are going to go in circular motions. And what this does is it takes off all the dead skin. So the drier the skin the better it's going to take off the dead skin cells. Sometimes it can be a little bit abrasive so if you want to work your way from more wet to less wet you could do that. So definitely in the cheek area, around the nose. We want to get over here by the chin. A lot of dry skin happens in this area too. So you want to make sure to get that off. I'm going to grab a little bit more and hit up her forehead. So taking all this dead skin away is really going to brighten up the complexion. It's going to allow the new skin to come through and the dull skin to fall away. So now I'm actually going to use vitamin E right on the skin. And this is an oil that you can get at the drugstore or at a health food store and I just apply it all over the face in a thin layer. And because we just scrubbed the skin and opened up those pores now we can put some nice antioxidants into it that will help it with wrinkles and moisture. And doing this on a daily basis will even out your skin tone. This is also a nice prep before your makeup or before your day. Now if you are doing this before bed I would probably use more of a heavy cream before you go to sleep. So just to show you what that's all about I'll put a little bit on her face. This is a night cream and it also has vitamin E in it. And you would just put this on in a light layer, you don't want to load it on too much. Taking care to get right here, not all the way up to the eye but around and around the laugh lines. Then you can go ahead and sleep with this on cause it might be too heavy for day. And there you go. It's really simple. You do these steps everyday and you will notice visibly your skin tone will be more even, more bright, less dull. You can take away the dead skin so if your skin is uneven when you apply your makeup, if it sticks to certain areas this will help with that. Thank you for watching. I'm Christine.


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