How to Treat Frequent Urination

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Frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes and urinary tract infection. Treat frequent urination problems with the help of a practicing nephrologist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Dr. Sean Hashmi here with Kaiser Permanente in Woodland Hills, one of the Nephrologists here. So today, I wanted to talk to you guys about frequent urination. So, what causes frequent urination and to begin with. Well, a very simple cause can be diabetes. So, if you have very high sugars in the body, they will spill into the urine and they will cause you to urinate a lot. So, frequent urination can be due to diabetes. How can you check? Simple test of your sugars will tell you if you have diabetes or not going on. Another thing can be is a urinary tract infection can cause you to have frequent urination. So, treating the urinary tract infection can certainly help. Another common cause can be things like bladder outlet obstruction. So, common thing is in men is, they have enlarge prostates and that can cause Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy or BPH which results in then not being able to completely empty out their bladder. So, they finish urinating and they feel like the urge to urinate again; they actually have urine that's left in the bladder. How do we treat that? Well, your doctor might give you medications like alpha blockers to relax the bladder outlet or they may give you medications like Finasteride which is a five alpha reductase inhibitor that can actually help shrink the prostate to allow urine to flow back. So, these are some of the options that are available. But, what are some other causes going on? Well, one of the cause is what we call diabetes insipidus. Now, this is not to be confused with the diabetes mellitus which is a disorder of sugar. Your body has a hormone called anti-diuretic hormone. What this hormone does is it allows your body to hold onto water. If you don't have this, you would be urinating out water like crazy into liters and liters. So, one thing to figure out is whether or not somebody has diabetes insipidus which is basically a lack of anti-diuretic hormone or you have anti-diuretic hormone and it just doesn't work. So, either you're missing it or you have it and it doesn't work. Either way, your body cannot hold onto water, so you urinate like crazy. Now, if that's the case, you will see your doctor; they will run some tests including the water deprivation test and they will find out whether or not you're missing this hormone and if you are, there are medications available to treat this. But just as equally as you're thinking about this hormone, there are some people who can have something called psychogenic polydipsia. This is kind of a, a term that may not sound very politically correct, but, what it really is is there are people who just are always thirsty so they drink a lot of water. So, as a consequent of that, they end up urinating a lot. So, it's not because they urinate so much that they have to drink a lot of water; it's because they drink a lot of water, so they have to urinate much. Those are two separate issues. One has to do with anti-diuretic hormone, the other has to do with fact that the person might have certain medications or side effects that they're always thirsty and that's, or some people who might have psychiatric disorders may also experience this. The last thing is is in something that women experience is something like an overactive bladder. So, an overactive bladder will cause you to basically have urge incontinence. People feel like they always have to go. The treatment for that is things that can actually relax the bladder. One of the most common medication is Oxybutynin and this can actually work pretty well in people who are having this constant urge to urinate. So remember, sugar, infections, figuring out which one is it; "Is the person always thirsty or is it because of the kidneys not being able to hold onto the water?", which either one of which your doctor will figure out. Is it because of an overactive bladder or is it, is it because of some bladder outlet obstruction? All of these things can be worked on with the help of your physician. This is Dr. Sean Hashmi; today's topic was talking about how to treat frequent urination. Thank you so much.


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