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Yoga and foot massage can be combined for a relaxing, revitalizing experience. Rejuvenate yourself with the help of a certified yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, Fitness Expert at Golds Gym Northeast St. Petersburg, Florida. Also, Creator of the Perfect 10 Workout. And I'm going to show you how Yoga and foot massage are kind of combine. We're going to take in a deep breath, feet flex; inhale, stretching our arms up, "Hmmm", exhaling, forward roll, reaching through the bottoms of your toes with the palms of your hands, flexing those toes, relaxing your feet, but pressing through the heels in the backs of your knees. Breath into your body, lengthening your neck; massaging the backs of your feet with your fingers, opening your toes, flexing them, breath into your feet. From there, sit up tall, bend one knee and bring a foot in. From there, you can massage, massage each toe; massaging the ball of your feet, massaging the arch and down into the heel. Hold this pose, let your ankle open up as you massage your feet. Massage for a long period of time until you feel like you've gotten every part of it. Breathing deeply, breathing light into your body as it heals and relieves any kind of aches and pains that you might in your feet. You want to get the circulation going throughout your toes, all the way throughout your feet. And then of course, switch feet; bringing the other foot up, sit up nice and tall, you want to get the blood supply unblocked. Stretch up through the neck, breath deep, massage the other foot just like you did the one on the other side. Then bring your feet together, open up your knees, breath deeply stretching up, "Hmmm", "Hahhh". Then, bring your knees in and stretch out, pressing through the heels, flexing those toes again like you did at the beginning. And that's how you can do Yoga and foot massage. I'm Amy Newman, thanks for joining me.


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