Foods Known for Lowering Cholesterol

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One method of lowering cholesterol is through diet. Incorporate cholesterol busting foods into your diet with the help of a licensed dietitian in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson, a registered and licensed dietitian with some information on foods that have been known and proven to lower your cholesterol levels. First, let's look at your fiber intake. The daily recommended amount is twenty-five grams per day, and the typical American does not really reach that goal at all. Now fiber is found in actually a variety of food groups: your fruits, your vegetables, and your whole grains. And typically that soluble fiber found in, for instance, oat and barley, in our grain group, has really been proven to help remove that bad cholesterol. That's why often times you'll see that hearth healthy claim on a lot of the cold cereals that we eat. Now also keep in mind your omega-three fatty acid intake. This is found in nuts, and legumes, a lot of vegetable oils, as well as our fatty fish like salmon and tuna. This omega-three fatty acid, even though it's a fat, can help remove some of the bad fats from our body and reduce those levels. It'll bring down our triglycerides as well as bring down the LDL cholesterol and help actually raise your HDL cholesterol, or your good cholesterols. So between a little bit of diet tweaking, by adding fiber as well as increasing omega-three fatty acids, also looking at reducing your weight and increasing your exercise, as these both have been proven to help reduce your cholesterol. Hopefully with those tips you'll find a little bit of adjustment and see those cholesterol levels lower. I'm Charlotte, and eat happy.


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