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Foods low in salt and sodium are an essential part of a healthy diet. Monitor your sodium intake with the help of this free video by a licensed dietitian.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Charlotte Lawson a registered and licensed dietitian. And if you are looking for a low sodium or low salt diet you are probably wondering what foods can I eat. Sodium typically isn't always found, excuse me is naturally occurring in a lot of foods. Actually all foods except for pure fat and pure sugar. Now there's not always a high amount of sodium but it is something we need to be aware of. Now keep in mind as well that sodium is not exactly salt. Salt actually is the combination of sodium plus chloride. And table salt and added salt really is one of the highest forms of sodium in our diet. Especially if you had a processed food or say for instance, a boxed dinner that might already have a lot of sodium in not only for flavor but maybe preservative factors. And if you are someone that automatically goes and salts that food before even tasting it, you are probably getting way too much sodium in your diet. Now an excellent tool to utilize is the nutrition facts label. This is found on every box, bag, or packaged food out on the market. And you can easily can go down and find the sodium levels in that food. And typically it's by serving or excuse me, it will be by serving. So make sure that you are keeping that aware. Especially for instance canned soup comes in one can and you eat the entire thing it may actually be about two to two and a half servings. You need to make sure to to multiply those amounts of milligrams of sodium per serving. Now a good well rounded estimate is about 2400 milligrams of sodium per day. And that's the amount of sodium in a teaspoon of salt. So you can easily round that out to about 800 milligrams per meal. So check the nutrition facts label and see if that product is an ok fit for that meal for the day. Now trying to avoid those process foods and making things on your own or in a less processed version is an easy way to avoid some of the added sodium. So just a couple of tips on how to find the low salt and low sodium in our diet. I'm Charlotte and eat happy.


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