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Beauty tips for better looking skin help you to get a healthier complexion. Boost your beauty routine with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I've been a Skincare Specialist and Makeup Artist for upwards of five years. And in this video, we'll be discussing beauty tips for getting better looking skin. To maintain a very healthy complexion, to maintain an even skin tone, a overall healthy skin both on your face and on your body, you're going to want to treat the skin from the outside in; but also from the inside out. So, here I have gathered different things that you would want to regularly use or consume throughout your week, two week regimen and meals to maintain a healthy epidermis. So, for eating, the best stuff that you're going to want to eat is definitely full of antioxidants. Your skin has cells and your skin has a layer of different cells and the very beginning layers, the ones that you can't see, those are cells that are full of water. They, you can imagine like beach balls and you have a turnover in your cells. So, as those cells start moving towards the top of your skin, they actually deflate and they become flat. And this is worse and worse as we age. So, they can't maintain moisture as long as they used to and a really good way to actually help them maintain moisture is to of course drink lots of water; eight to ten glasses a day. If you need to squirt some lemon juice in there, if you need to eat some chocolate while you're doing that, dark chocolate, whatever it is that takes you to, to drink water, drink lots of water. Hmmn and enjoy it, you just feel better when you're hydrated. Whole grains are another great way to keep your skin healthy. I also have almonds here. Almonds and other nuts are full of fatty acids that keep those cells nice and plum. So, as they come to the surface of their skin, they still maintain a lot of their moisture, giving you that look of baby soft skin. Eating your vegetables, but not too many carrots. You don't want to turn your skin orange which is true, it does happen. But, don't worry, you'd have to eat carrots all day long everyday. Take your vitamins, Vitamin E orally and also, you can apply it topically. Green tea is a great way to maintain antioxidants as well as different berries. So, strawberries, blueberries, a lot of different fruits are a really great way to, to get antioxidants. Fatty acids like I said in nuts, also in eating fish, taking fish oil in a capsule form, like the Vitamin E oil that we have here. So, that's what you could do in your diet to help maintain healthy skin. Low fat dairy also is another great drink to consume to help keep a healthy skin. Now, some things that you apply to your skin, you wouldn't necessarily want to add to your diet in abundance, but work really well when applied topically. Here I have exfoliant with sugar, refine sugar. It also has a low fat milk in it or zero fat I should say, honey and some lemon juice, that's a really great mixture that you can use once or twice a week on the face and on the body as an exfoliant. And a guilty pleasure of many of us, coffee actually. But, coffee grounds, after you have used them to make your coffee in the morning, at night or afterwards when you shower, you can actually take them and use them as an exfoliant. And the caffeine is really good for the skin. It helps bring blood to the surface of the skin which carries healing; white blood cells that really do a great for reducing inflammation and keeping your skin young and vital. And then of course, above all else, you're going to want to moisturize everyday, every time you cleanse; twice a day if, if that is what it takes, always moisturize. You can use oils on the face or on the body. If you tend to be a little bit oily in the face, you don't need to, to use a straight oil on the face but rather you're going to want to use, you know, an unscented and alcohol-free moisturizer. So, just to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep your skin moisturized and keep hydrated, that's the best way to maintain a healthy skin. Always eat healthy and drink lots and lots of water. Thank you for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez and in this video, we discussed beauty tips for getting better looking skin.


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