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A good complexion comes from having a good skin care routine. Get an excellent complexion with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I've been a skin care specialist and makeup artist for upwards of five years. And, in this video, we're going to discuss how to get a good skin complexion. For this, you're going to need granulated sugar, lemon juice, milk, honey, this here we have Shea butter, a tinted moisturizer, depending on the tone of your skin, and then an empty cup, because we are actually going to be making a skin treatment exfoliator. So, particularly for light, uneven skin tones, you're going to find a lot of use in lemon juice and milk. They both act as natural bleaching agents. But, for all types of uneven skin tones, for any complexion of skin, any color of skin, honey and Shea butter both work well. But, I'm going to make an exfoliating treatment here that will work for all skin tones, but especially works nice for someone like me, who has red skin tone, a red skin complexion, and light skin. But again, any skin color, any skin tone, or any complexion, is going to be able to use this. So, I going to actually start with the exfoliating agent, which here, we are using granulated sugar. From here, we're going to add our honey. Honey works for many different things, it's like a natural emollient. It actually has botulism in it, and when you get Botox injections, it's a derivative of botulism, and botulism in a large amount is deadly, but in the trace amounts that it is in honey, it actually works really well for exfoliating the skin chemically, tightening the skin, and giving you a lot of youthful look, and also just an all over, really nice, complexion to the skin. The milk, the fatty acids in here are really great for plumping up the skin, evening out the skin tone. And then, it does work as a natural lightening agent. I've actually made this thinner than I want to, so all I can do here is add some more sugar. You want this to be a liquid, but still a rather thick consistency. I still don't have it where I want it to be. Okay, so if you could see that, this is a good consistency. And then, we're going to add the lemon juice, the lemon juice works great, again as a chemical exfoliant, but also as a natural bleaching agent. Just, a little, little tiny bit. You're going to want to eat this, it smells like lemonade. And, I'm laying this down, so I don't get anything anywhere. This is a really great product to use in the shower, where you could just run it down the drain. So, I have this, and I'm working it in small, circular motions. You don't need to add a lot of pressure. The granulated sugar is what's going to do the exfoliation. And, it is uneven, so if you work it too hard into your skin, like sandpaper, it can tear at your pores, and that can cause some unevenness in the skin, and that's the opposite effect of what we want to have. So, I'm just doing light, circular motion, very light pressure. And again, breathe in, smell. Having a good sense of mind, and a nice relaxed attitude, is another great way to make your skin and your complexion even and beautiful. And, I wanted you to look at the difference in my skin, so you can already tell the complexion looks better, it looks more even. It feels better, smoother, and it's going to keep the moisture from the fatty acids and the milk, and it's going to continue to chemically exfoliate throughout the day, keeping your tone of skin very even, and keeping your complexity even throughout. So, before you apply your makeup, I actually have here tinted moisturizer. So, I have green tinted moisturizer, and purple tinted moisturizer. So, you can imagine a color wheel, like in art class, you have opposite colors. So, green is opposed to red, and purple is actually opposed to yellow. So, depending on what your skin tone is, you're going to pick from there. If you have olive skin tones, you're going to want to use the pink. If you have yellow skin tones, the pink, the purple, however you would like to call it. Green is more for red tones. If you are ashy, and you want to add some color to your skin, again, you can go with the pink, purple, red, you get a multitude of tones when you purchase that at the counter. And, you can talk with the girl there, and try, you know, several different types, to see what works best for you. But, I tend to turn red, so I'm going to use the green. And, this is a moisturizer, they also make tinted primers for foundation, whatever you prefer. They even actually do powders, so yellow powders, purple powders, green powders. And just like I did with my exfoliant, I'm going to give myself a nice massage, take deep breaths, you know, really enjoy. Skincare is, you know, beyond just a medical treatment, it's a treatment for the mind, and your attitude has a lot to do with how your skin looks. So, I'm just putting this into my skin, moisturizing. And, from here, that is where you would go on to finish up by applying your foundation and your makeup from there on out. Thank you for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez, and in this video, we discussed how to get a good skin complexion.


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