How Do I Get Rid of Red Skin Tone?

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A red skin tone can be hidden using careful makeup techniques and homemade beauty products. Even out your skin tone with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I've been a makeup artist and skin care specialist for upwards of five years. And, in this video, we'll be discussing how to get rid of red skin tones. For this, you're going to need an exfoliant, you're going to need a green tinted moisturizer, Vitamin E oil, and then I will explain to you what I have done in this homemade exfoliant. So, in here, I have coffee grounds from a pot of coffee I have made just today. So, I actually made my coffee out of this, removed it from my coffee maker. I mixed it with some green tea leaves, and actually softened it, moisturized it with a little bit of milk, which I always find works really well for evening out the skin tone of someone that has redness. So, redness in your skin tone can happen for a couple of reasons. And, the way to combat that is actually with a green moisturizer. And yes, there are many, many green tinted moisturizers and bases for foundation that you can get at the counter, or even at a drugstore. So, this you would apply after you've washed and exfoliated, if that's indeed what you're doing. And, you apply it just like a moisturizer. So, when you're applying moisturizer, especially one that you're using to treat skin tone, you want to give yourself a really nice massage. That's what's going to help bring blood to the surface of the skin, which you might think, "I don't want blood at the surface of my skin, I'm trying to reduce redness." But, the redness often comes from inflammation, and sensitivity, and when you bring blood to the surface of your skin through massage, you're actually help healing it, because your blood carries white blood cells with it, and the more white blood cells you can get to the affected area, the better you're going to treat it. So, that would be how you actually physically get rid of red skin tones. They also sell green powders that you can apply throughout the day if you tend to get red throughout the day, and that, again, combats the redness in the skin. Now, this exfoliant I have made is especially used for fighting inflammation in the skin, which can turn your skin red, and make your skin uneven. So, as I explained, it's coffee grounds, green tea, and milk. Milk for red skin tones, because it actually works as like a bleaching agent without actually using harsh bleach on your skin. And, this you would use like your every day, well, every week, exfoliant. Wouldn't use this after you have already moisturized like I have just done, but this is just to show you how you would do it. You would use this, depending on the sensitivity of your skin, once to twice a week. If you do like to exfoliate more than that, that is fine, as long as you're keeping up with your moisturizer. So, I'm just doing some small circles, you don't need to add a lot of pressure, the coffee grounds are really good for exfoliating. And, the same concept as when you are massaging your skin with your moisturizer, this is going to bring blood to the surface, the caffeine from the coffee helps bring blood to the surface, and that's all healing. And, then at night, what you're going to want to do, you won't need your green moisturizer at night, because you're not actively preventing redness from showing up on the skin. But, I have a Vitamin E capsule here, which you could prick with a pin, and apply directly to the skin, and throughout the night, that will help heal the skin, Vitamin E is a great healer for the skin, and it's going to really do wonders in evening your skin tone out, and taking away that redness through inflammation. And, you would apply that in massaging, circular motions, as you did your moisturizer, and as you did your exfoliant. Thank you for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez, and in this video, we discussed how to get rid of red skin tones.


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