How to Get Perfect & Flawless Skin Without Makeup

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Perfect and flawless skin without makeup relies on evening the skin tone. Obtain a perfect complexion with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Courtney Gomez. I've been a makeup artist and skin care specialist for five years. And, in this video, we'll be discussing how to get flawless skin without makeup. For this, you're going to need a tinted moisturizer, I will be using a green tinted moisturizer since my skin tone tends to be a little bit red, a makeup brush, and talc powder, just have some baby powder here. So, to achieve a really flawless mattified look without using foundation, I'm going to start with a tinted moisturizer. For me, I am using a green tinted moisturizer, since I tend to turn a little bit red. Now, if you can think of a color wheel, the opposite of the red, on the other side is green. So, green actually counteracts red, and it can even out skin tone. So, I'm going to use that. I use a mattified moisturizer, which is a really great base for under makeup, as well as just an everyday moisturizer for evening skin tone. That can cause a little bit of gloss, which looks really nice, but to get that mattified look that's going to keep you even throughout the day, I like to add a little powder over it just to lock it in. And, this is just a makeup brush for, like a light coverage, a foundation powder foundation. So, even there you can already see the difference in the skin tone. This looks much smoother, it feels much smoother, and then, throughout the day, it's going to keep you with a more even tone. And then, of course, you're going to want to regularly cleanse and moisturize, and then exfoliate, depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Some people say once or twice a week, but if you tend to be a little bit more oily you could do it more, if you tend to be a little bit drier you could do it more, as long as you're keeping up with your moisturizer. And, that does help keep a very even skin tone. And, although you don't have any coverage, you do even the tone of your skin, and you keep it mattified throughout the day. So, you're just going to want to rub the moisturizer in, you know, circular motions to get the blood flowing, and then really work it into the skin so that you don't have much gloss afterwards. And then, applying the powder over small circular motions to evenly cover the skin. Thank you for watching. Again, my name is Courtney Gomez, and in this video we discussed how to get flawless, perfect skin without makeup.


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