How to Route a Hinge

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Routing a hinge is something you'll have to do as you replace cabinets and doors in your home. Learn how to route a hinge successfully with help from a home remodeling expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Trull at The Trull Gallery, and I'm going to show you how to route the mortise for a hinge. What I'm going to show you is a standard door hinge and what we're going to use is a jig that I've made here in the shop. There are commercial jigs available but I like to make my own here in the shop. So the first thing I've done is I've outlined the profile of the hinge on my stock and used that as a guide to set my jig up. Alright the next step is to go ahead and clamp down our jig and our material. For this cut I'm going to use a straight bit and a template guide that will guide the router around our template. And now I'm going to go ahead and make our depth adjustment and I'm going to do that by plunging down until we just touch our stock and take our hinge and put it in the stop, bring our stop down, lock that in place and now we have our depth of cut ready to go and now we're ready to make our first cut. Okay at this point we can go ahead and pull off our jig, remove any dust and dry fit our hinge and that fits pretty well. So it's a pretty basic skill you can use around the house if you're going to hang a door or on a smaller scale on a piece of furniture. So I've just showed you how to route a mortise for a hinge using a router. I'm Dave Trull at the Trull Gallery, the fine art of furniture making.


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