Yoga Poses During Pregnancy

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Special care must be taken for Yoga while you are pregnant. Determine how best to handle Yoga with help from a certified Yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, Fitness Expert for Golds Gym and Creator of the Perfect 10 Workout. I'm going to show you some fitness exercises you can do in Yoga for pregnancy. You can start off in Triangle. Triangle is a very good pose to do when pregnant. Have one foot sideways, but the arch of your foot in line with the heel of the other. Arms are stretched out to the side, neck is long and gently, you can stretch down to one leg. Breath, "Hmmm". Other arm stretch straight up; if you feel balanced enough, look up towards your hand. But you don't have to do that; you can look down if you feel better that way. Then lift up and you can stretch to the other side; switching your feet, so the arch of the other foot is in line with the heel of the leading leg. Come down, stretching, other arm goes straight up, either look straight ahead, straight up or if you feel dizzy or little bit unbalanced, look down; breathing deeply, "Hmmm". Come up. Modified Cobra, intertwine your fingers behind your back, squeeze your shoulder blades, lift your chin up, arching your back and opening your ribcage. "Hmmm", breath, "Haahh; "Hmmm", "Wheww". Lower your chin, release your fingers and come down onto your hands and knees gently and we can do Cat Pose. Where you can round out your back, first exhaling, then inhale, arching up. You can lift up the leg and you can hold it. Breath, "Hmmm", "Hhhhh". Then, you're going to come down, round out, breath, exhaling, inhale open and lift the other leg. Just hold that for a few minutes. Breath deeply and lower that back down. I'm Amy Newman, thanks for joining me as I show you some exercises that you can do in Yoga when you're pregnant.


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