How to Replace Damaged Tile Grout

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Damaged grout can be replaced to improve the look of your tiled surfaces. Replace damaged grout with the help of this free video presented by a successful contractor.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Wade. I'm a contractor for the city of Los Angeles, and today I'm going to show you how to replace damaged grout. Okay, as you can see here, we've got some damaged grout. You've got holes in it, you've got streaks down here and it just is ugly and you just want to repair it. In most circumstances you're going to have areas that are all fine and good that you're not ready to replace at all or stain it. We're just going to repair what needs to be repaired. The first thing you want to do is you want to grab any type of a bristle brush, paint brush, you know whatever you have hand. As you can see we've got some areas where it's just loose and it's breaking out. You know over here this one's been dirty. You just want to get in there and you want to just brush it out, all the loose debris and you want to take the scraper, anything will work, something that's just got a sharp pointy tip and you just want to get in there. You're not trying to remove it all, you're just trying to remove, see how that piece came out right there, just remove it and kind of create your cavities and your canyons, just get those holes in there so you have enough areas for the grout to get in there, you know and get a couple more areas out and just flake it out. Now, I've already mixed up some, some grout and we're just going to get it in there and normally when you grout you use a grout flow but in this circumstance we're just going to use a plastic putty knife. Make sure you use a plastic putty knife, otherwise, anything else may damage the tile. So you just want to get it in there, just go back even farther where it doesn't necessarily had been damaged and just get it in there, just get it in there nice and smush it in there. The consistency you want to use on a repair is a little bit harder than toothpaste, that's a good consistency to use. You just want to scrape it out and you want to grab your sponge and you want to get it wet, wring it out, maybe scrape up what you can with your scraper and you just want to lightly wipe it out. You don't want to wipe too hard because otherwise it may pull out of some of the damaged areas. So you just want to wipe it once or twice and if you feel the need you have to put a little bit more in there, just finger it in, just go all the way across and then just give it one good wipe and it might be a good idea after you give it that one wipe to let it set up and then just come back and hit it again lightly with a sponge. That's basically the easiest way to repair damaged grout.


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