How to Polish Black Leather Shoes

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Polishing black leather shoes is something that you can do every so often to keep your shoes looking as good as new. Polish black leather shoes with help from a shoe repair expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tony Jones. I work here in Nashville Jensen Shoes and we're going to go over just polishing black shoes. Okay? Basically, it's very, very easily. I get a rag; you see and kind of, rags going to throw away, probably some people have the rag that they usually flat, put polish anyway; they use the same rag for black. Don't try to mix and use black for white or burgundy. If you're going to use one, just be consistent about how you use it. I'm just going to grab this cream, just put a light coat on it all the way around, just like this. Little coat all the way around and in the sole too, very, very easy. You just want to cover up pretty quickly there. Alright. And you wipe it down a little bit after you put that on there; another side, we'll dry cloth, just very easily. And we have a little brush here, which we have a little wheel which is a lot faster. I'm going to show just a brush, lightly covered up this as this is going to stand; it's the way to shine up; the more you hue it, the shinier it's going to get. Okay? But, sometimes we're in a rush and you do it really light and you're not seeing the shine that you want on here. Sometimes, leather is all different. This is, this, this leather can get really shiny. Some leathers don't. So, you got to be very careful what you're wearing, working with. Some leathers you're not just going to get shiny because it's, it's the leather itself. This, you can pretty much get really shiny if you want to. Some people want to see there's health in their shoes. And that's how we build up shine in black shoes.


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