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One of the keys to rock-hard abs involves a sound nutritional plan, including a low-fat diet to keep your total body fat less than 10 percent. Learn how to make your abs stand out in this free video on abdominal fitness.

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Hi, this is Jason Morgan from Muscleworx Fitness in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today, we are going to discuss secrets to help you get rock hard abs. Well, the holy grail of any fitness plan you know no matter whether you are a man or a woman is, you know, seeking that six pack rock hard abs. That's kind of what everybody has in their brain when they start a fitness plan is they want to look good on the beach. And the best way to do that is through a sound nutritional plan. Now what you are going to find is when you get into a low enough body fat levels that you can actually see the separation of your abdominal muscles. For men you are going to be under 10 percent body fat. And your nutritional plan has to be spot on. Your body just does not want to hold those kinds of body fat levels. It doesn't feel like it's healthy. Women you are going to be you know in the probably the mid teens. Maybe 15, 18 percent in order to see the separation in your abs. If you get much below that you may start finding that you have some issues with you know some of your natural body functions as a female if you get below those body fat levels. So it's a little bit of a myth to think that you can look that way all the time and actually feel good. It's you are probably not going to feel real well being that lean. In order to get that lean we've got to put that nutrition plan in place. You are going to adjust your macro nutrient rations depending on your body type and how you respond to certain nutrients. You may have to cut your carbohydrates out being your oatmeals, your breads, your starches. Replace those with whole fibrous carbohydrates being your vegetables. Many dietary programs will have you increase your protein. Increase the amount of vegetables you have and only eat your starches right around your workout time frame so that you are just replenishing glycogen storage. in your body. And your body is less likely to set it up for fat. The most appropriate thing you can do is when you get to where your levels are low enough that you really want to see your abs and you are teetering on the edge, seek the help of a trained fitness professional, a registered dietitian. Let them help you get your diet structured so that you come down and shred that last five or ten pounds of body fat off and be able to see the separation in your abs and you do it in the most healthy manner possible. Please remember these tips are just to provide basic information. Always consult with your health care provider and a fitness consultant before beginning any diet or exercise program.


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