Exercises to Tighten the Lower Abdominal

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Exercises such as knee raises that involve the hip flexors or extensors can help tighten the lower abdominal muscles. Learn how to target these muscles in this free video on abdominal fitness.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jason Morgan with Muscleworx Fitness in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today, we are going to show you some exercises to help you tighten your lower abs. Well the first thing I want to tell you is if you are looking for exercises to tighten your lower abdominals is make sure that the form of the exercises you pick is correct. We want to make sure that we keep the hip flexors or extensors out of the movement. So, we are going to do that by being slow and controlled with these lower ab exercises. Our first exercise is an inclined knee raise. We are going to do this using a decline bench or an incline board. Usually, you'll find a decline bench in a gym. Just remove the barbell from that bench. Lay on it with your feet towards the head hooking your hands underneath the knee bend or knee support portion of the bench. Extend your legs straight out in front of you feet together and raise your feet towards the ceiling. When you bring them back down keep the feet about six inches off the ground just like you'll be doing a leg lift on the ground. Pull up hanging knee raise is going to be done by grasping the pull up bar, hanging down in a vertical manner with your feet straight. We are going to raise the legs towards the abdomen pulling the knees in towards the abdomen. For added resistance, you can extend the legs out straight so that you are actually lifting more weight utilizing the lower abs. Please remember these tips are just for basic information. Always consult with your health care provider and a fitness consultant before beginning any diet or exercise program.


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