Exercises for Abdominal Reduction

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Learn which combinations of exercises boost your metabolic rate to help with abdominal reduction. Get professional advice from a personal trainer in this free video on abdominal fitness.

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Hi, this is Jason Morgan with Muscle works fitness in Caroline Beach, North Carolina. Today, we're going to be discussing exercises that will help you reduce the size of your abs. When you're looking to reduce the size of your ab and drop that body fat around your middle, one of the biggest mistakes people make is doing excessive amounts of targeted abdominal exercises such as crunches or oblique twists and things of that nature. I'm here to tell you a secret that you can do to help reduce the size of your abdomen. Throw in some heavy, compound movements such as a barbell squat. Barbell squats and exercises such as that utilize many more muscles at one time so that you're going to give a higher quart burn by doing the exercise are also going to trigger the metabolic rate to be increased after the exercise is over so you're going to burn more calories throughout the course of the day. You're using those exercises to build muscle. The more muscle that you have, obviously the higher your metabolic rate is going to be, the more calories you're going to burn throughout the course of the day which is going to help that fat release. Exercises such as a stability ball crunch work the entire abdominal region, working the stabilization muscles in the entire core even while giving you that contraction and stretch through the abdominal region that you're looking for. When performing an exercise or stability ball crunch, take the ball to an open spot n the gym where you've got enough room for the movement, have a seat on the all, walk your feet out forward so that your hips roll down the ball, and the lower portion of your back or the small of your back is supported on the ball which your hips just off the ball. Lay back, you can cross your arms across your chest so that your hands are of reach shoulder, or you can lay your hands behind your head so that the head is just supported at the fingertips. What we want to do here is to stretch back so that you feel the stretch through the lower portion of the movement. Then squeeze up. You want to come up about 30 to 40 degrees, just enough to tighten the ab from the abdominal wall and in towards the spine, allowing the ab movement to pull the shoulders forward. That's how you complete the crunch movement. Just go back to the starting position and repeat for the number of repetitions necessary. Please remember these tips are just to provide basic information. Always consult with your health care provider and a fitness consultant before beginning any diet or exercise program.


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