How to add Water Reducing Washers to your Home

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Water reducing washers, when hooked up with plumbing, can help reduce water bills in the future; it also helps the environment by conserving water. Install these water savers easily with help from a professional remodeler in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. Welcome to Chris's Workshop. Today, we're going to talk about saving water by adding water reducing washers in your faucets. You can save a good amount of money every year on your water bill by installing some water reducing washers in your fixtures in your home. Your shower head for example. It just threads right off the arm. If it's a little bit tight, too tight to get by hand, use an adjustable wrench or some channel locks and gently loosen it up and then you should be able to unthread it. I bought this water reducing fixture at my local hardware store. It's pretty standard size. It's kind of a one size fits all deal. So I just bought it. I'm going to just stick it right in there. Rethread it before I put it back on, I want to make sure I use Teflon tape around the threads on the male end of my shower arm. You can also put the same type of water reducing washer inside your sink faucets. This part of your sink threads right off. Again, if it's too tight to get by hand, use your channel locks. It's a real good idea to put a cloth over it so you're not scratching your finish. Protect it with a cloth, loosen it, see if you can get it by hand, go ahead and remove it, and you should see space for your water reducer. Now what I did is I took this to my home improvement store because there are a few different sizes of this piece so go ahead and take this off, throw it in your pocket, go to your home improvement center and find the right one. It just fits right inside there, like that and then you thread this back on. No need to add the Teflon tape on this guy. It goes right back in place and you are off to saving yourself some money and helping the environment by preserving water. My name is Chris Palmer, thanks for joining me. That's how you add water reducing washers to your home.


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