How to Add a Soffit Vent

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Learn everything you need need to know about how to add a soffit vent to your home, from correct positioning to tools and equipment. A home improvement specialist makes it easy in this free video on home and garden repair.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Chris Palmer. Welcome to Chris's Workshop. Today I'm going to show you how to add a soffit vent to your house. The first thing you want to do is lay out the location of your vent. Find a space in between your rafter tails. You don't want to cut a hole right on top of a rafter. A really good way to find your rafters is find where the seam of the sheeting is. Where there's a seam, that's where they nailed the sheeting to the rafter. Come inside that an inch, measure over 16 inches and you've a pretty good bet you're going to be inside your two rafters. You also want to center your vent in the depth of the eave. Take a couple measurements off the wall, make a couple marks to make sure the vent is square. Once it's laid out, what you want to do is drill a couple holes with a five inch hole saw. I'm going to use a 6 X 16 vent cover, two five inch holes should be plenty of air flow. After you drill the first one, stick your hand up in there and make sure that rafter tail is where you thought it was, check around for any sort of obstacles that might be up there. Chances are there's nothing but it doesn't hurt to check. After you've checked, drill your second hole, hold your cover up over the holes, put in six screws and you're all done. I'm Chris Palmer. Thanks for joining me. That's how you put a soffit vent in your house.


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