How to Clean New Grouted Tile

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After you have grouted tile, you need to clean it to remove any haze that has come. Clean up your newly grouted work with help from a professional contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles and today I'm going to show you how to clean newly grouted tile. Here we are at a freshly grouted countertop. We've waited the 24 hours for it to set and as you can see we've got a little bit of haze. We still have a little bit of excess grout here that is starting to dry up or has pretty much dried up and we need to give it a final clean. Some of the chunks here, the best way to take those down is just to take a plastic putty knife, not a metal one, a plastic one because you don't want to scratch your brand new beautiful countertop and you just lightly hit some of the areas, some of these buggers here and just wipe them down, get them scraped off, you know, some of the areas right here and that will take care of the clumps and then we just get our sponge, our good old trusty sponge, some warm water and we just want to lightly go over it again and just remove that haze. The haze is basically something that looks like dust, dust residue, you know, it might take one time, it might take two times, it might take ten times but it just needs to be done. Just go over it lightly, I mean really wring this thing out and it will just pick it up real easily because all we're doing is just getting the dust off. Just go over it as many times as you can see and you'll be able to tell. And that's how you clean newly grouted tile.


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