How to Grout Stone Tile

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Grouting stone tile helps keep the tile clean, as well as keep away any water that might damage it. Seal away your stone tile with help from a professional contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor from the city of Los Angeles, and today I'm going to show you how to grout your stone tile. Most of the time when you're using a natural stone it's not going to have a perfectly lined joint line as you would see in like the ceramic so it's better to use what are called butt joints, just butt them up together, that way you're not going to try to fight a perfectly straight line with an imperfected edge of a stone. For the purposes of this, we're going to use a white grout just so you can really see it better on the camera but you just get it in there, get it in all the joints, come along, and just get it spread in there, get it all spread out and then you're going to want to take your rubber float and just get it in all the cracks there. Don't worry about getting it spread all over because we'll take a rubber sponge and just clean it all up. The whole idea is just to get it, get it in all the joints, all the lines. Then we just take our sponge and our bucket of water and just hit it, get it until it all comes off and you just get it all off. Try not to apply too much pressure into the joint so you're pulling it up but even if you do, you can go back and just finger, use your finger like I'll give you a demonstration, I took too much out right there, just go back to your pan and if you have to just finger some in that's okay too and just wipe it out. Just wipe it until you get it all up and because it is a natural stone and you are going to have the imperfections throughout the field you want to make sure you get that all cleaned out really good. We only want the grout in the grout line. Once you get it all wiped up, you just basically want to make sure you've got it out of all the surface areas of the natural portion of the stone and wait 24 hours before you seal it.


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