How to Apply Drag Makeup

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When you apply drag makeup, go for broad, accentuated colors and features such as unusually high-arcing eyeshadow and exaggerated lips. View a demonstration of the drag look in this free video on specialty makeup tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christine; I'm a Makeup Artist and I'm going to show you how to do drag makeup. So, we're going to start with the eyes and it's going to be some blue eye shadow. I already prepped her face and I put a foundation. So, I'm going to apply the blue all over her lid and I like to just pat it on and since this is drag makeup, we're going to kind of accentuate everything. So, we're going to bring the blue up higher than I would normally, almost all the way up to the eyebrow. So, you can bring it pretty high up there and it can be messy 'cause we're going to go back and then blend it. So now, I'm taking a lighter blue and I'm going to kind of blend it out there. And we are going all the way to the brow, it's generally what you see and just kind of smooth out that color you put on previously and fill in that space under the brow. Alright. Now I'm going to take a darker color and get in her crease a little bit. So on the corners and just blending like that, then you can smooth it out and it's definitely meant to be little bit more bold than you would normally go. And then, I'm going to do the blue underneath as well and you can just place it there and smooth it out. I'm just going to take a fluffy brush to smooth it. And then, I'm going to use an orange blush and I'm going to go on the outer parts, right here. I'm going to again, exaggerate it; so use more. So, just blending it upwards on the cheekbone there. And for the lips, I'm going to use a pencil to overdraw the lips. So, we're going to draw over what her natural lips would be and that kind of completes the drag look. So, I'm going to draw it and then fill it in and I'm going to add a nice shiny gloss. Okay. There we go. So, drag makeup is all about exaggeration. Don't forget to bring the shadow all the way up to the eyebrow and overdraw the lips; so those are the two of the tell tale signs of drag makeup. So, try it out; have fun, play with the colors. It'd be a fun dress up look. Thank you for watching. I'm Christine Wheaton.


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