How do I Make Harajuku Makeup?

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Make a creative statement with the wild, cartoony style and vivid colors of Harajuku makeup. A professional makeup artist shows you how in this free video on specialty makeup tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christine Wheaton. I'm a Makeup Artist, and I'm going to show you how to do Harajuku makeup. We're going to do kind of a wild and crazy look today. I'm going to start with her eyes and I'm going to put some bright colors on there. I'm going to start with a, kind of a aerodescent purple color and I'm just going to put it on her lid, pat it on. With the Harajuku look you can really have fun with it and do all sorts of things. It's generally kind of cartoon like and really bright and then, I'm going to put a blue color up here, kind of a pale blue. And then, just to give it some depths, I'm going to put some darker in the corner, back to the purple. I start in the corner and I kind of work it inwards. And I'm really just placing the color and then I, I'm going to blend it out with this brush here. So, I'm just going to place this bright purple color underneath here. You want to give the illusion of a bigger eyes. So, I'm going to go back over with some eyeliner afterwards. So now, I'm going to go in with the eyeliner; I'm using a gel liner and a brush and I'm going to line the eyes and kind of exaggerate so that the eye shape looks bigger. So, I'm doing a big line here. We're going to go on the bottom too; "So look up", and I'm going to connect this bottom to the top. So filling this area here and then, bring all the way around. And something else fun that a lot of, you will do for Harajuku looks is little hearts or stars. So, we're going to draw that with liquid liner, like that. We're going to add a little blush; it's in a bright pink color and some lip gloss. And here you go; it's a really fun Harajuku look. You can play with it, you can change up the shapes or do little teardrops, that would a nice little touch. Try it out. Thank you for watching. I'm Christine Wheaton.


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