How do I do '80s Metal Makeup & Hair?

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Pale skin makeup, teased hair and lots of eyeliner help you achieve that distinctive '80s "metal" look. Take a trip back in the time with a professional makeup artist in this free video on specialty makeup tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Christine Wheaton and I'm a Beauty Expert, and today I'm going to show you how to do 80s metal makeup and hair. So, we're going to start with the hair, we're going to do a little bit of teasing action. I'm going to hairspray her side part here as well as this part and then I'm going to go in with my brush, just like this and I'm going to start teasing. So, you hold it up straight and then you bring it down like that. Now, I'm going to start in with the makeup; 80s makeup, it was pretty pale. The skin was not really tense so much. So we're going to go with a lighter foundation here and then with the eyes, it's pretty much dark and a lot, an eyeliner for 80s metal. So, we're going to apply a black base first. I'm going to put it on the lid. You can just slap this on; we'll get it blended out at her later. Then, I take black powder and go over that. And then, I'm going to blend it out, a little bit of a gray color with the fluffy brush, like that. And then, I'm going to take eyeliner and working on the bottom; so, I'm going to line the bottom all the way around and it's okay if it's messy because that was kind of a style. And then, I'm going to apply 80s blush which is always bright and kind of in a streak. I'm going to use this pretty vibrant reddish color there and I'm going to work it all the way up into the temples, it's kind of a big deal and blend it out here. And we're going to finish with a nice bright lipstick. Alright. Now, she's ready to rock. So, that's a 80s metal look, just ready for a little Bon Jovi video action and you can achieve this using bright colors, tease out the hair, black on the eyes; check it out, try it out. Thanks for watching. I'm Christine Wheaton.


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