Curly Hair With Bangs Prom Hairstyles

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You can create prom hairstyles for curly hair that incorporate the fashionable side bang while adding extra fun and flair. View a demonstration of the techniques and products for styling short or longer bangs in this free video on curly hairstyles.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Sandy Morton, and I work with Headline's Salon and Spa in Clemson, South Carolina and today, we're going to talk about curling hair with bangs for prom hairstyles. Okay. What I'm going to show you to do, a couple of different ways with the side bang which most girls have right now. I'm going to go ahead and take it; hot, roll over or brush that down. You can do it either way, you can bring it out. Let it set; it's also going to give you a really smooth curl and then, you can move it over. Going to the other side, do the same thing. And mind you, this is a longer bang; so we're showing you how to style a longer bang instead of leaving it straight. You can kind of, you can go up like this too to get a looser curl and so, there's going to be your a long bang. Now, if they were shorter, you could do the same thing, just with the shorter bang. I'll go ahead and show you on mine since I have short bangs. So, let me flip over and you can use, you know, sprays, Hot sets is a great spray to, to use kind of just to set any kind of curl. You use it before you dry it, before you curl it. Alright. Now, I'm going to show you the style short bangs for curly prom hair on myself. Once again, I take a roller brush; usually even a smaller one, you can use a pedal brush flat. Here's what I'm going to do. This is for myself, I take it up with that dryer and I hold it there with heat and I kind of leave it a little, like just rolling at the ends so that you don't have that hardcore peppermint patty bang, what I call it. And then, just pull it down and you do it all throughout your hair with heat. Once again, you set it with cool or you just, if you don't have a cool button, you take the dry away. Then, you just kind of piece it apart. You can use this wax, pomade; you can piece it this way, kind of face the mirror here for a little bit. Piece it out; if you want a little extra body underneath, you can put it here at the root when you're done and just kind of go like that and then bring it out. Once again, my name is Sandy Morton and I work with Headline's Salon and Spa in Clemson, South Carolina and today, we talked about curly hair with bangs prom hairstyles.


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