Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make for Gifts

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Christmas crafts for kids need to be easy to make. Learn how to make simple decorative jars with the help of an experienced teacher in this free video.

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Hi, I'm Cherie Donohue, and I'm going to show you some easy Christmas crafts that kids can make to use as gifts. Okay, so today I have a really fun easy craft that kids can make and that make a really great gift for them to give away. This is using different mason jars or any kind of glass jars that you have at home. You can recycle baby food jars work really well. Or any small jars that you can recycle work great for this project. There's two variations. The first variation is using modge podge and tissue paper. And you can make a couple of different things with the modge podge and tissue paper. You could make a candle votive holder using a small jar. Or you could make a jar that could be used for treats. We put a tag on this one. Or pencils. It could be used for kitchen utensils. All kinds of different things. You can fill this with any kind of goody and give it away too. So, to make something like this, you decide on what jar you are going to use. I used a large canning jar for this project. And then you are going to use cut up tissue paper. You are going to take small pieces of tissue paper, any kind of color that you decide on you could use. Two simple colors like the red and green here or a rainbow of colors. And you are going to cut them into square pieces. Once you cut your tissue paper into square pieces you are then going to take modge podge. Modge podge is kind of a liquid glue that you can buy at the craft store. And the tissue paper is going to adhere to that glue and then also kind of seal the outside. Your modge podge is going to be painted a small portion at a time on your jar and then you are going to place those square tissue paper pieces one at a time on top of where you have modge podged on the jar. When you are modge podging you are going to want to use a foam brush like I have here. And I like to put the modge podge in a small Dixie cup to use.Once you have covered that with all of your tissue paper in random order you just want to make kind of a nice mosaic. Let it dry and then put one final coat of modge podge on top of that jar. You can then add a decorative ribbon. You can add a tag labeling what you are going to use your jar for. Or just a gift tag on there would be great. And wrap it in some tissue paper in a little gift bag and give it away as a gift. Then the other variation that I have is using a jar and making a candle holder. This is really fun and easy to do. You are going to get some colored sand that you can buy at the craft store. Which is going to go on the bottom of the jar once you are finished. A tea light for it and then we are going to make this wire rim. This can be purchased at a craft store. It's just some thick gage wire that's colored, any color of your choice. You are going to cut a long amount because you want to wrap it around about two times around the lid of the jar at least. And have some left over to kind of make some little decorative swirls there. And then get a variety of beads, bells. Sequence is what I used on this jar. And you just string it onto that wire in whatever order you like. And it makes a beautiful sparkly little rim around the jar. When you have those all on your wire you are going to wrap it around once, twice. Kind of twist it off and then using a pencil you can wrap the wire around the pencil to make that kind of curly end. Put the tea light in it. Again wrap it up in a gift bag. If you are going to give it away as a gift and you are going to put sand in it, you might want to put the sand in a Ziploc bag with the tea light in the bag so it doesn't spill all over the gift bag. And this makes a great gift. So do these jars. So I'm Cherie Donohue, and that was a really simple easy craft that your kids can make to give as a gift.


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