Abdominal Exercises for Kids

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Kids can strengthen their stomach muscles and develop their breathing ability with abdominal yoga exercises such as boat, bow and superman poses. Let a professional instructor guide you through these exercises in this free video on yoga and Pilates for kids.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brandi Allen with Shiva's Center here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Today, I want to talk about doing abdominal Yoga exercises and I have Amelia Louise here to demonstrate a couple of posture that are really beneficial for muscles in the stomach. And just so you know to do the breathing that we do in Yoga, it's probably the most important thing to do for your abdominal exercises. So, while doing this, make sure that you keep breathing or make sure that your child is breathing well. The first posture we're going to show you is Navasana or Boat posture where Amelia leans back and reaches her toes and fingers toward each other with her back off the floor and really strengthening her stomach here. Very nice. And then the next one we're going to show you is Bow posture or Dhanurasana where she's going to grab hold of and lift her chest off the ground and she can even rock back and forth from her head to her feet to use her stomach muscles, strengthening in there. Very nice. And then the last one we'll show you is Salambasana or Superman Pose where you fly with the arms and the legs straight up, lifting the chest off the floor and even maybe even the knees and the thighs off the floor. Very nice. And once again, I'm Brandi Allen and these are a couple of posture you can do with your children to strengthen their abdominal muscles.


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