Yoga for Kids With Autism

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Kids with autism can benefit from child's pose, downward facing dog and other grounding and calming yoga activities. Learn more about the practice's effects on autism in this free video on yoga and Pilates for kids.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Brandi Allen with the Shiva's Centre here in Salt Lake City, Utah and this is Amelia Louise and we're going to be talking about Yoga for children with autism and also doing some postures that can be helpful for children with autism. So, one of the things that I found beneficial for kids that have autism is counting meditation where you count backwards. It can be from a hundred to zero or twenty to zero, ten to zero, depending on their age and how much time they have that they can sit there. So, that is one way to really get the mind involve and calming themselves and just sitting in this posture or even lying flat on their back and doing that kind of meditation can be very helpful. A couple of the postures that I found to be beneficial, one of them is Adho Mukha Svanasana which is Downward Facing Dog which Amelia's going to demonstrate for us right now; with all four feet on the floor, just like a dog and nice straight back and the head down. This is a really great way to get blood down into the head and with the eyes gazing back at the leg is very calming. Another posture that they can do is Child's posture or Balasana, with the forehead on the ground and the back, the back rounded and sit bones on the heels and the arms can be back by the sides or even forward in this posture. And this one as you can see is very calming, grounding posture which can be really helpful to children with autism. And again, I'm Brandi Allen here at Shiva's Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah and we just talked about postures and meditation for children with autism.


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