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Stepping, or step dance, involves precision routines in which dancers create percussion with their hands and feet while dancing. Master a step routine with tips from an award-winning dance competitor and teacher in this free video on step dancing.

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I'm B-boy Super King Glasses, and today we're going to be going over step dance. And to do this, all you need is your dancing shoes. Step dance or stepping was popularized by African American sororities and fraternities and is still use to this day. Step dance involves learning a sequence of moves, usually choreographed with a large amount of people. And to help you learn this, I'm going to show a small stepping routine and it goes a little something like this. Let me go through the whole thing first and then, we'll break it down bit by bit. Okay. And that's it. Now, we're going to break this down. It goes first stomping with your left leg and clapping. After which, you're going to bring your knee, your right knee up and slap it while your left elbow is still up in the air, like this. Alright. So, what we have so far? After that, step, clap; so after that, we're going to stomp, clap, then we're going to bring our left knee up, hit our left knee, just like that. So, from the beginning, something like this. Alright. Then from right here, we're going to stomp with our left foot and then bring our left knee up again. So, it's going to look like this. Okay. Then after we're right here, we're going to stomp one more time, clap and then we're going to go knee or we're going to go thigh, thigh. Okay. So, from the beginning. So after we're going to go clap, we're going to stomp with our left foot, then hit our left knee, then bring our, our ankle up; your ankle right here, slap our ankle. Then bring, stomp it back down. Halt. So, that small portion is going to look like this. Okay. That's where we're at. So, let's start from the beginning. Okay. So you're right here, then after which, you're going to stomp with your left leg and bring your right leg up, clap above it, on top of it and then below it. So, stomp; stomp, clap on top, clap below the leg. So, let's see it from the beginning. Alright. That's where we are. Then, we're going to stomp with our right foot, clap on top, then on bottom; stomp. Let's see it all put together now. I'm B-boy Super King Glasses and today, we just went over how to step dance.


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