How to Adjust the Bridge on an Electric Guitar

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The bridge on an electric guitar controls the action of the strings. Adjust your guitar bridge with the help of a professional musician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Raven T. Mitchell, Expert with Dean Guitar. In this clip we're going to show you how to adjust the bridge on your electric guitar. Here on our electric guitar, we have a tunomatic bridge. It has posts on both sides that are slotted. Some posts are not slotted. In this case, they are slotted. But, in all cases, they will also have a wheel down here that you can turn for your adjustment. In this case, we're going to use the correct size, flat head screwdriver that fits in the slot here on the bridge. Our action is a little high; we want to make the action more playable and we're going to measure it to twelve fret to two millimeters high on the E string; holding it on the E string here. We're going to take our screwdriver in the slot and of course, we got lefty loosey, righty tighty. So, we're going to tighten it down, lowering the action, a couple of turns and we're going to check it with our ruler to 12 fret, seeing what our height is. Little bit more, get it down to the correct height. There, that's good. Now, we're also going to go to the other side, to the high E string and do the same process. Measuring at the string, taking our screwdriver, putting it in the slot, tightening it down. Checking it at the 12th fret; little bit more. Be very careful not to scratch your hardware or the top of your guitar. Again, make another measurement and then, we have two millimeters exactly. Now, we're going to have a nice comfortable playing action on our electric guitar. And that's how you adjust the bridge on electric guitar. This is Raven T. Mitchell, Expert with Dean Guitars.


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