Prenatal Yoga Workouts

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Prenatal yoga workouts are to be used around the time of a child's birth. Learn about prenatal yoga workouts with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there. I'm Jennifer Parker, owner and director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga. And today, I'm here to show you a great prenatal yoga workout. This prenatal yoga workout can be done at your own pace so you don't have to go as fast as I'm about to go now. But you can build to this speed if you'd like. So we'll start off in a nice wide-legged position, with our toes slightly turned in. And as we inhale, we'll bring our arms up in front of us, looking at our hands. As we exhale, we'll turn out our right food, bending our right knee for Warrior Two. We'll inhale, dropping our right elbow down as we exhale to bring our left elbow over for Extended Triangle. Now from here, you can work between the two positions. So, we'll inhale, feeling a nice little tug on our left elbow as we look back over our right hand and as we exhale, we'll bring our right elbow down to our right knee as we gaze past our left arm. And again, we'll inhale back to Warrior Two and exhale to our Extended Triangle, keeping the left leg nice and strong. As we inhale up, and exhale back. Now we'll hold here a breath. And as we inhale again, we're going to turn the left foot towards the side so that our knee faces the mat and bring our hands down on either side of the right food. And then as we exhale, we'll bring our right foot back for our Plank Pose. Now we'll inhale dropping down onto our knees, pushing our hips back to our heels so that we can exhale here in our Hero's Pose, finding a nice long spine. We'll inhale releasing the feet out in front of us. Now since we're here on the right side, we're going to take our right leg and we're going to bring it in. And as we exhale, we're going to grab for our left foot for our Seated Head to Knee Pose. Now you can bring your head all the way to your knees as far as you want to relax your spine. Or just as far as you can grab, whatever feels comfortable. We'll inhale, lifting up our knees placing our foot on the floor and as we exhale, we'll take our left elbow to our right knee. We'll inhale placing the top of our right hand on the small of our back as we exhale looking over our right shoulder for a nice Lateral Spinal Twist. Now, we'll inhale untwisting as we release the leg, scooping and sweeping the legs around us tucking the toes under so that we can exhale rolling through our back as we stand up. And now we're ready to start the whole thing on the other side. So we'll inhale going straight up through the center. And as we exhale, we'll turn out the left foot, looking over the left hand. We'll inhale dropping the left elbow down as we reach over with the right arm for our Extended Triangle. We'll inhale feeling the tug on the right elbow as go back to Warrior Two. And as we exhale, we'll keep the right leg strong for our Extended Triangle. We'll inhale back through Warrior Two and we'll exhale to Extended Triangle keeping the ribs in. And again inhaling back to exhale and we'll hold here. We'll inhale turning the right knee towards the mat as we bring the hands down. And as we exhale, we'll swing that left leg back for Plank Pose. We'll inhale dropping the knees down, bringing the hips back to the heels as we exhale to sit up nice and tall in Hero's Pose. We'll inhale swinging the legs out from under us. And now we'll take the left foot and bring it in to the leg as we exhale to grab the right foot, bringing the head to the knee. We'll inhale sitting up nice and tall, putting the left foot on the mat as we take the right elbow to the left knee, exhaling bringing the top of the left hand around so that we can look over the left shoulder. We'll inhale untwisting, releasing the left leg, bringing the legs under us tucking the toes under so that we can exhale as we roll through our back to stand up. Now that you know some poses that are great for our prenatal workout, I encourage you to continue to use and adapt them to the best of your abilities. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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