Yoga to Cure Impotence

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Certain poses in yoga are said to be a cure for impotence. See what yoga techniques you can use to cure impotence with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there! I'm Jennifer Parker, owner and director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga. And today I'm here to show you some yoga poses to cure impotence. I'll be showing you these poses slow or using the Hatha style of yoga. Then I'll also be showing a Vinyasa or a linked style of yoga using these poses. To cure impotence, I have two combinations for you. They involve the same rules but one is done in a Hatha style which is more slow and you can go at your own pace and then one is a Vinyasa style where the poses are interlinked together. So first, we'll start with our feet out in front of us and we'll put our arms on the ground. Try to find a nice long spine. This is our Staff Pose. Once we've found a nice long spine, keeping our shoulders down, our neck long, we'll inhale up touching the top of the hands, trying to keep those shoulders down. And as we exhale, we'll bring our shoulders forward trying to keep our back nice and flat for a diagonal forward hold, where we try to keep our neck in line with our spine. And try to keep our back nice and flat. After we've worked this position, we'll inhale sitting up nice and tall. We'll bring our hands behind us, keeping our fingertips pointed towards us and as we exhale we'll push up our hips for our Upward Plank. We really want to sit on top of our shoulders as we dig those heels into the ground. Again, I recommend holding this for about five or ten breaths, whatever feels comfortable. When you're ready to come out of it, you'll inhale and then as you exhale, you'll come down flexing your feet. After that, you can do a full forward fold, where you inhale lifting your hands high above your head. And then as you exhale, we'll point our toes for this one as we dive over our legs and this time, reaching with our hands as we curve our lower back. And now we'll inhale coming up and as we exhale, we'll bring our legs out for a wide angle V. Again we'll put our hands down by our hips just as we did for our Staff Pose so we can find a nice tall posture. And this is a great way to work your back and your posture. But if you want more of a stretch in this pose, you can always bring your arms up and take another fold-over like what we just did but you want to be sure that your knees continue to put towards the sky. Alright, so that was the routine nice and slow. Again, take it at your own pace. Explore the positions to the best of your ability. And now I'll show how you can link the poses together in a Vinyasa routine. So again, we'll start off in our Staff Pose as we inhale and exhale, finding a long spine and a strong core. We'll inhale bringing our hands up as they touch. As we exhale, bringing a flat back for our Diagonal Forward Fold. We'll inhale sitting up nice and tall, bringing the hands behind us as we exhale to go up for our Upward Plank. We'll inhale here sitting up nice and tall on top of the shoulders and as we exhale, we'll flex the feet as we come down. We'll inhale lifting the hands high above the head. And as we exhale, we'll point the toes diving over the legs. We'll inhale coming up, flexing the feet, bringing the hands to our shoulders and as we exhale, we'll bring the wrists together taking a contraction to the back. We'll inhale bringing our hands up again as our legs come out for our V. And as we exhale, we'll point the toes, keeping the knees pointed towards the sky as we fold over. We'll inhale up, flexing the feet, bringing the hands by the shoulders. And as we exhale, we'll contract back, keeping the hips nice and strong. We'll inhale squeezing the legs together as we exhale to flex the feet and find our Staff Pose again. So those are some great poses that you can use to help cure impotence. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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