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Your inner ear will affect how well you are able to balance during certain yoga poses. Learn about the inner ear and its relationship to yoga balance with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Parker, Owner and Director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga. And today, I'm here to teach you some basic Yoga poses to improve inner ear problems and also to improve your balance. Now, I'm going to show you these poses sort of fast; but, if you have inner ear problems or balance problems, I would encourage you to really start off doing these poses really slow. This basic video that I'm showing you might take as long as an hour if you're doing it at the proper pace. Really focus on your breath and take it easy. Obviously, we don't want to cause more problems than we help alleviate. To cope with inner ear problems and improve balance, I have two short combinations for you today. First, we'll start off in neutral position; standing with a nice long spine and bringing our shoulders back and down, our stomach thin, feeling the weight evenly distributed across both feet. We'll start off by inhaling and turning our head to the right, trying to look our right shoulder, but keeping our left shoulder down. Exhaling here. We'll inhale through the middle, turning all the way to the left and we'll exhale feeling a nice strong posture. We'll inhale through the middle and as we exhale, we'll lift the chin, keeping your shoulders down, the neck nice and long. And now, we'll try a slow head roll, taking it at your own pace; as we inhale dropping the chin down. Next, we'll exhale, drop the ear to the shoulder. We'll inhale, lifting the chin as we look up and we'll exhale to the side. Next, we can go on to work on our balance some more with some more difficult poses, including the Warrior II. So, we'll inhale bringing our arms up and as we exhale, we'll take a big nice wide step out. We'll bring our hands back into the middle. We want our toes to be slightly turned in. We'll inhale up again and as we exhale, this time we'll turn our right foot out towards the sun, bending the knee. Now, we want our weight evenly balanced between the two feet. So, this is a really great position to help work on balance so that you can really work those toes into the mat, making sure that your heel pressure is even on both feet, holding up on the strength leg and trying to sit right in the middle of the two legs. We'll inhale pushing off that right leg, turning the foot in as we meet the hands in the center up above the head and as we exhale, we'll circle the hands back around to the center. Now, we'll try it on the left side, as we inhale up and as we exhale, we'll turn the left foot out, bending the left knee to look over the left hand this time. Now, just staying here in your Warrior II and working on your balance from this pose is a really great way to improve your balance. But, you can also work on deepening the pose which might help you out. So, we'll inhale, straightening the knee as we look ahead and then, as we exhale, we'll bend the knee as we look back over the left hand. We'll inhale straightening the knee, taking it easy with the games and we'll exhale back over the left hand. And once more inhaling to exhale. And now we'll hold for our breath. And now we'll inhale pushing off that left foot, turning it towards the front, as we exhale to circle both hands around. Now, these are two really great standing poses; but, there's also some things you can do on the ground as well to improve inner ear problems and help with balance. So, we'll go down to the ground; there's a variety of ways to get down to the ground. But, if you have balance issues, I recommend starting off with one knee at a time. So, we'll first start by dropping our right knee down. We'll reach down towards the mat and then, we'll drop our left knee down. We'll sit back; we'll release our feet out in front of us. We'll start off in Staff Pose by bringing our hands right by our hips so we can sit up nice and tall. This will help us center our posture again. Then, we'll inhale bringing our feet in and as we exhale, we'll bring them to the side. Now, you can let your top of your foot rest comfortably right here on the arch of your foot. We'll inhale, bringing our left hand to our right knee as we take a twist to look over the right shoulder. And now we'll inhale, swinging the legs back around; so, we'll bring them back to our Staff Pose as we exhale to sit up nice and tall. And now we'll try the other side. So, we'll inhale bringing our legs up and then, we'll swing them around to the other side, placing the top of the foot in the arch of the foot. We'll inhale placing the right hand on the left knee, as we exhale to look over the left shoulder. You'll want to be sure to hold your stomach in and try to hold your neck nice and long. Now, this half spinal twists are really great way to improve any inner ear problems; but, if you're also looking to improve your balance, you can go for more difficult pose called the Boat Pose. So, we'll start off with this one by grabbing the back of our legs and we'll bring our legs up off the ground. Now, you can start your Boat Pose just right here or if you're more advanced, you can straighten your legs or if you're even more advanced, you can bring your arms up. I will hold this for as long as you can. We'll bring the legs down slowly, the hands above the head and then as we exhale, we'll dive over the feet, taking a nice forward fold to give our muscles a chance to recover. And then we'll inhale up and then, I would recommend doing the Boat Pose maybe for five repetitions. And again and holding it as long as you can, slowly dropping your legs as you lift your hands and again, going back into your forward fold. Now, whatever you do, you want to make sure that you take it nice and slow and only go for what you are capable of doing at that time. But, if you take it slow, I'm sure your problems with your balance and your inner ears will improve. So, there's some great Yoga poses to help improve inner ear problems and balance. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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