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Jivamukti yoga is a type of yoga that was developed in New York City. Experience training for Jivamukti yoga with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Parker, Owner and Director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga. And today, I'm here to tell you about Jivamukti Yoga. Now, Jivamukti Yoga started with the Jivamukti school in New York City. There premise is that you should use Vinyasa Yoga or Yoga that links together basic poses in order to improve not only physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. So, as part of this Yoga practice, you would often include meditation as well as essential lectures on a variety of issues for both physical, social and emotional well-being. So today, I'm going to show you a basic meditation that you can use to lengthen at your own time and then I'll also show you a basic Jivamukti routine that you can use in combination with meditative practices. Before starting the physical practice of your Jivamukti routine, it's always a good idea to focus your spiritual practice. A good way to do this is by using meditation, focusing your intention and even the "Om" sound if you need to. For instance, we might focus our intention on staying in a positive mood all throughout the week. To do this, we would focus on that, trying to erase other thoughts from our mind. "Om". Using noise, "Om", such as the "Om", "Om", in order to center the vibrations in our body. "Om". Obviously, focusing our intention will require more time than this video allows. So, let me show you a basic Jivamukti physical Yoga routine sequence that you can do after you've focused your intention. So first, we'll start from the standing position. We'll find a nice neutral position and as we inhale, we'll bring our arms down and then up and as we exhale, we'll fly down to look at our knees. We'll inhale, lifting our head slightly and find a nice long back and as we exhale, we'll bend our knees, reaching both feet back to our plank position. We'll inhale dropping our knees down and then our chest down; as we exhale, looking up for our Half Cobra position. Keeping the elbows close to the body, we'll inhale lowering the chest, pushing back onto the heels, tucking the toes under, as we exhale to push and back into our Downward Dog. We'll stay here in our Downward Dog for five breaths as we hover to keep our chest pushing towards the knees, keeping our heels pushing towards the ground. Now, to deepen this pose while you're here, you can always jag through your feet, lifting one heel at a time, settling down into the pose even further. And we'll inhale one last time here and exhale. Now, to come out of it, we'll inhale looking up as we step forward with our right foot and then our left foot, as we exhale back into our forward fold. We'll inhale lifting our hands high above our head, as we exhale to circle our hands around. Now that you know a basic Jivamukti meditative practice and a basic routine, I encourage to go out there and find out more about this great school of Yoga. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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