Yoga Positions That Increase Contractions

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Certain yoga positions can increase contractions, escalating the speed of child birth. See which yoga position increase contractions with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Parker, Owner and Director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga. And today, I'm here to show you some Yoga poses that increase contractions. Now obviously, since these Yoga poses are meant to encourage contractions, these poses should not be done by pregnant women that are not wanting to have contractions yet. So, please avoid these poses until you're at that point in your pregnancy. Now, I'm going to show you a few poses, kind of fast, but, you should definitely take some at your own pace and do just as much as what feels comfortable for you. Since you'll most likely not be linking your Yoga poses together because you're trying to increase contractions, I'll show you some Yoga positions that you can stay in for awhile in terms of a Hatha Yoga style. The first one being the Chair Pose. We'll start off first by inhaling lifting the hands high above the head and as we exhale, we'll push the hips back, bringing the hands in line with the rest of the back. We'll stay here in our Chair Pose. Now, if you're looking for a way to deepen your Chair Pose, you can use what's called breath of power where you inhale, pulling back on the elbows, as you come up pushing the chest forward and as you exhale, sitting back into your Chair Pose to bring your neck in line with your arms. Inhaling up and exhaling back. So, that's our Chair Pose. Another great pose to do if you're trying to increase contractions the Bound Ankle Pose. This pose starts on the floor. So, we'll start by putting one foot literally right next to the other and we'll cross one arm right in front of the other and bring our knees down. Now of course if you're pregnant, it might be kind of hard to cross one arm in front of the other, so if that's the case, you can merely hold onto your knees and gently push them down as you think about bringing your shoulders down. And finally, another great Yoga pose to do to increase contractions is the Cat Pose, in particular you can do Cat Rolling. So, our Cat position starts off on the hands and knees with our hands right under our shoulders and our knees right under our hips. We'll start off by pushing back our hips onto our heels for our Child's Pose. As we inhale, we'll round our back, looking at our legs. As we exhale, we'll arch our back, looking up. We'll inhale pushing our hips back onto our heels, as we exhale to gaze at the floor. And again for our Cat Rolling, inhaling up through a nice round back; as we exhale to arch our back, looking up. Inhaling to push the hips back under the heels, as we exhale into our Child's Pose. And from here, you can just roll through your spine up to sit onto your heels for your Hero's Pose. And we'll finish here. Now that you know a few basic poses to increase your contractions, I wish you happy pushy. This is Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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