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Ashtanga yoga is a type of yoga also commonly referred to as "power" yoga. Learn about Ashtanga yoga training with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga and today, I'm here to show you a basic Ashtanga Yoga sequence. Ashtanga Yoga is Power Yoga. So, this sequence may seem challenging at first; so, feel free to modify as necessary so you can continue to work up to a level that is suitable for you. This Astanga sequence is a Warrior sequence. So, we'll start with our feet, a nice wide distance apart with our toes slightly in. We'll bring our hands into the middle to prayer position. We'll inhale, bringing the hands straight up as we lengthen the spine. And as we exhale, we'll turn the right foot out, bending the knee for Warrior II. We'll inhale dropping the right hand down all the way to the ground if you can or just to your leg if you can; as we exhale to straighten the right knee, looking at the left hand for Triangle. We'll inhale circling the left hand, keeping the neck long, the shoulders down; as we exhale to bring the right hand up into Reverse Triangle, holding that left leg nice and strong. And we'll inhale circling the right hand down, placing that on the right side of the right foot; as we exhale to look at the knee for Head to Knee Pose. And now we'll inhale, bending the right knee and we'll reach with the left hand and then the right hand as we bring the right foot towards the front to exhale circling both hands around. And now we'll try our other side as we inhale up through the middle and as we exhale, turning out the left foot, bending the knee for Warrior II. Inhaling bringing the arm down to the left foot, as we exhale to gaze up at the right hand for Triangle Pose. Inhaling to circle the right hand down, replacing the left hand with the right hand; as we exhale to reach the left hand towards the back for our Reverse Triangle. Inhaling to circle the left hand down, placing it on the left side of the foot; as we exhale to look at the knee for Head to Knee Pose. Inhaling to bend the left knee, reaching with the right arm and then the left; as we exhale to circle both hands around back to prayer position. Now, that you know a basic Ashtanga Yoga sequence, I encourage you to go out there and discover other sequences to continue to challenge yourself and grow in your practice. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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