Kisen Yoga for Weight Loss

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Kisen yoga is a specific type of fitness technique that can aid weight loss. Lose weight with Kisen yoga with help from a yoga expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Jennifer Parker, Owner and Director of Fluidity Dance and Yoga. And today, I'm here to teach you Kisen Yoga for weight loss. I'll walk you through up basic Ashtanga sequence that's great to help keep your tummy trim and your waist small. Start off in a neutral position with a long spine and your stomach in. Inhale bringing the hands up above the head, taking slight lay back in Mountain Pose; as we exhale to bring the arms down looking at the knees, diving for our forward fold. And we'll inhale lengthening the spine as we look up and as we exhale, we'll reach back with the right foot for our lunge. We'll inhale pushing off the right foot as we bring the hands high above the head, as exhale to lay back into our Exalted Lunge. We'll inhale diving back down, hands around the left feet, as we exhale to push off the left foot, reaching back into our Downward Dog. We'll inhale bending the knees, rolling up on the toes to jump back to the hands, as we exhale to straighten the knees into forward fold. And we'll go for the other side; as we inhale reaching back with the left leg now. We could go right away into our Exalted Lunge, as we exhale bringing the hands high above the head, reaching as we open the chest. We'll inhale bringing the hands down around the right foot; as we exhale to reach back into our Downward Dog. And we'll inhale bending our knees, rolling up on our toes to jump back to our hands; as we exhale into our forward fold. And now we'll inhale, reaching for the sky as we bring the hands high above the head; as we exhale to circle the hands around back to the center. Now that you know how to do a basic Kisen sequence for weight loss, I encourage you to continue to challenge yourself with the sequence. I'm Jennifer Parker with Fluidity Dance and Yoga. Namaste.


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