How to Tone Your Glutes

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The glutes are made up of three muscles to be toned. Work your glutes with the help of a fitness and nutrition educator in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stacey Grant of And today, I'd like to talk to you about toning your bunts. So, your glutes are made up of three muscles. You got a, the large muscle which is the glute, gluteus maximus, the middle muscle which is your gluteus medius and your gluteus minimus which helps the gluteus medius work. One works by pulling the leg away from your body in the back, that will be the large maximus muscle and then, the other two work by pulling your leg and hip out to the side. So today, we're going to demonstrate those two exercises. So, you want to find a wall that you can lean on. You can also use a chair, just for balance. The leg that's closest to the wall or the chair will be slightly bent. So, for the leg extension you're going to go ahead and move that opposite leg behind you with a flexed foot. You're going to repeat that 20 times, three sets of 20, that's ideal. If you could do it two to three times a week, that would be great. Again, for the hip and leg extension, you're going to bend that right knee or the leg closest to the wall. Cross the opposite leg in front and lift out to the side. Again, we're repeating for 20 repetitions, three sets; two to three times a week is ideal. So, those are the two exercises and I'm Stacey Grant for how to tone your glutes.


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