How to Stretch Your Legs and Hips

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Tight hip flexors and leg muscles can lead to pain. Stretch your legs and hips with the help of a fitness and nutrition educator in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Stacey Grant of Today, we're going to talk about how to stretch your legs and hips. A lot of us suffer from really tight hip flexors or just tight leg muscles in general. So, the first step I'll actually show you is to move your right leg forward; it could be any leg, but, this, to, today, we're going to use our right leg first and then you ensure opposite leg back. Go ahead and relax the leg in back, the foot in back and you're going to press that left hip forward. Hold it. You feel that? That should be going down the front of your leg as well as your deep hip flexors. You're going to hold that for about ten to thirty seconds or as long as you can stand it; it shouldn't be that comfortable. And then to come out of it, you're just going to go back to starting. Now as far as stretching the back of your leg, your hamstring muscles, you can go ahead and reach forward here with the opposite leg. Sit back on your heel and reach forward with a flat back. That'll really going to do that deep muscle in your hamstring. Again, you hold it for ten to thirty seconds and to come out of it, just come back to starting. So, I'm Stacey Grant and that's it for how to stretch your hips and thighs.


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