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A garden can be improved in many ways that won't cost a great deal of money, including dividing perennials. Find out how to mulch to reduce weeds with help from a gardener in this free video on gardening ideas.

Part of the Video Series: Winter Planning for Spring Gardens
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Video Transcript

Hi there, I'm Steve Skinner with Kathryn's Garden. Today, we want to talk about free gardening ideas. There are many things that you can do in the garden that won't cost a lot of money and improve your garden greatly. The first being dividing your perennials. Like this liriope here. Liriope makes a great garden edge, and it's very easy to divide. All you have to do is just cut it up into small chunks and plant it around, and you can spread this stuff like wildfire in your garden. Another thing is free mulch. Mulching with newspaper is a great way to reduce weeds in your garden. And also it adds to your garden's soil by breaking down over time and becoming better for the soil, adding nutrients. The third way is free mulch. If you live in an area of the country with lots of trees, then chances are you have access to a lot of free mulch. Pine straw and deciduous trees shed their leaves every year. If you don't have trees in your yard, call a neighbor, maybe they have some and you can rake their yard and they would be appreciative and you get free mulch. This has been Steve Skinner with Kathryn's Garden, and these are three really good ways that you can have a great garden without spending any money.


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