The Best Mountain Bike Tires for the City

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If you plan on using your mountain bike in a city, you'll want to make sure you have the proper tires to do so. See the best mountain bike tires for the city with help from a two-time state track champion in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Tony Zaldua from Budget Bicycles in Los Angeles and I'm here to explain the best mountain bike tires for the city. Okay, so, we have four tires here that I've chosen to explain. Here, the first that I have is a complete sleek; meaning it's totally smooth, no tread, no groves, no raze, anything. It's, basically, it looks like a basketball. So, it's really smooth. It's good for dry conditions. But, when it starts raining, you might want to decrease the pressure a little bit. And if, if you don't want to have two tires, it's good to have tread; meaning groves in the tires. These all have groves. And, if, if you look really close here, we have two tires that have two different widths and if you wanted to actually go faster on the streets, you would choose a narrower tire. So, narrow equals faster and wider equals a little bit slower; but, wider equals, are a little bit more comfortable. So, if you don't care about speed, go wider and it's safer and more comfortable. So, and then, you could also go in the middle so you have a little bit of both of speed and comfort. So, and with the, with this city knocked by tires, you, you definitely want to run on a pretty close to maximum pressure 'cause if, if it's too soft and you hit a bump and you'll wrecker them. So, keep them; read, read the side wall of the tire and usually they, it'll, it'll tell you what the tire recommend, the pressure is and it'll say the minimum and the maximum and try to keep it at maximum pressure. In closing, we have four tires here. This one tends to be, take my word for it, tends to be a little bit thin. Thin tires tend to be more comfortable. So, if you like comfort, you know, choose a thinner tire. But, the thinner tires tend to not wear as long. So, if you get a thicker tire; this is a little bit thicker, you'll get a longer wearing tire. But, you'll feel the bumps and the contours of the roads a little bit more. So, and then also, just to recap, thinner is faster; but, be careful on the turns because you don't want, really want to go like mock to on a turns and lay, you know, lean too much and slide out. So, in the straighter ways, it's pretty fast and, but on the corners, you want to, just take a nice wide corner. So, you don't want to take a sharp corner as it will crash. And then, this is sort of the best of Both Worlds; Both Worlds medium, not too thin, not too wide and so it has a good combination of speed and comfort. And there we have it.


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