Pull Up Bar Exercises for the Abs

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The pull up bar is a great tool for ab exercise. Discover how to safely use a pull up bar with the help of a certified personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Jason Morgan with Muscleworx Fitness in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today, we're going to discus abdominal exercises on pull-up bar. When using a pull-up bar to do the abdominal exercises, there's a couple different things you can do. You can actually help increase your grip strengths by holding onto the bar with your hands. There are other methods available such as what's called an ab sling where your upper arm sits in the sling and it helps hold your body weight in that manner. Essentially, what you're doing is you're hanging from, from the bar. Most traditional exercises are going to have you hanging either by your hands or an ab sling; raising your legs straight out in front of you, pulling your knees up towards your chest or maybe pulling your knees towards your opposite shoulders to work the obliques. There are some other ways that you can utilize pull-up bars. You know, 20 years ago, a big thing was an, in, inversion boots, which have now been replaced by the inversion tables. But, these are still found in a few gyms that sometimes I would recommend, only if you're advanced, because you're hanging upside down and you have the danger of the blood rushing to your head, as well as, you know, the fact that it puts more stress on the muscle. So, if you're not used to doing that type of movement, it's not something you want to start with. Some of the advantages to using pull-up bar to workout, your abs are the simple fact that you're going to fire more muscles, holding yourself on the pull-up bar. So, you, the more muscles you utilize, the more core expenditure you have, the greater your results and the bigger return on your investment in the gym. And those are a couple of exercises that you can do using a pull-up bar for your abdominals.


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