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Acupressure alone may help you with your problems, but the positive effects can be increased with proper diet. Discover what foods you may and may not eat with help from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video.

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Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, acupuncture physician, and clinical herbalist. Today, we will be discussing acupressure diets. This is actually a really good book, "Helping Ourselves: A Guide to Traditional Chinese Food Energetics". It lists all the possible patterns of disharmony that you could have, with a list of foods to avoid, as well as foods to add, which I think is great when you're trying to lose weight. And, dieting is so often we're used to things being taken away from us, where, when you're able to add foods in that actually help you obtain your goal, it seems like much less of a difficult thing to do. So, most of us are concerned about weight gain in the belly, because a lot of us tend to live in fight or flight, there's an excess production of cortisol, which leads to weight gain right in the center. So, this is an area that a lot of us could use help in. So, just doing some simple self massage on yourself in the abdomen. So, I'm just going to place my hands like an "M", here with my thumbs. And then, I'm going to put my pad of my fingers over the other. And, starting at the bellybutton, I'm just going to make circular, clockwise, kind of little tiny circles in a bigger circle. And, I'm going to keep going wider and wider. Now, what this does, is it helps to break up fat tissue, which is great anytime you're trying to lose weight. It also helps to restore circulation to your digestive organs, because one of the things that happens when we're stressed out, and living in flight or flight, is that our body, in as smart as it is, it shunts blood flow to our limbs, so that we can run away from that tiger, or escape death. So, there's not all this blood in the digestive organs where there needs to be, especially after a meal. So, you know, eating while stressed out, or while working, is a big no no. Your body can't digest this food properly. So, a little bit of self massage every night before you're going to bed on the abdomen in this area, really helps. Also, just following, anatomically, the large intestine, makes an "L" down the left side of our body, and the descending colon comes this way. So, massaging in this general direction of the large intestine, would actually help with elimination. Now, conversely, let's say you were someone that was experiencing diarrhea, and there was no reason that your body was trying to eliminate a pathogen, you could actually go in the opposite direction, to try and slow down the diarrhea. But, you only want to stop diarrhea if you know what the cause is. A lot of times, it's a good thing that your body's doing it, because it's trying to get rid of something. So, depending on what you're trying to accomplish with your diet, different acupressure points would certainly be indicated for you. So, it's important to visit your local acupuncture physician, and get a diagnosis. And then, they can help you discover foods which would help to help your endeavors with weight loss, as well as give you acupressure points and self massage techniques that you can do on yourself. If you don't already have one, please visit to find a qualified professional in your area. I'm Hilary Talbott, and that was acupressure diet.


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