Child Birth : Acupressure to Induce Labor

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Certain acupressure points in the body can encourage it to induce labor for child birth. Help get your child delivered with help from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, Acupressure Physician and Clinical Herbalist coming to you today from Acupuncture and Herbal Therapies. Today, we will be discussing childbirth and acupressure points to promote labor. Now, the points that I'm going to show you today will be contraindicated until about two weeks prior to your pregnancy because they are pretty strong and they can actually, they do start labor. So, you don't want to do these until you're ready for that special moment. The first point I'm going to show you is bladder 60 and it's located here on the outside of the ankle. And it's behind the lateral malleolus. So, you're looking for the, the prominent bone on the ankle, which hopefully your ankles aren't too swollen at this point to find this. But, you just want to reach for the top and then, let your finger fall back until it falls into a depression here. And you're just going to use gentle to moderate pressure and you can even use your finger on the other side of the ankle and press two both fingers together to get more of a, a deep stimulation. And what this point will do is it will actually open up the entire bladder channel. The bladder channel is actually where the longest meridians in Chinese medicine. It runs from the toe all the way up the leg, up the back and actually courses the back a couple of times. So, this is really helpful for op, opening up the sacral area as well as relieving some low back pain that's associated with contractions and is easily, it can be easily grasped by you're partner when you actually are in labor to make the contractions go faster. So, you just want to manipulate this for a couple of minutes and then give it a break and you can move onto another point that will also help to start, start labor if you're not in it already. And that point is known as spleen 6 or yin crossing and it's on both legs, just like bladder 60 is, but this one's on the inside of the leg. And so to find it, you're going to use your hand breath, okay. So, if your partner's hand is larger than yours, you need to take that into consideration when finding those point on you. You're going to go for the medial malleolus; so, the prominent bone on the inside of the leg and at the high point of that, you're going to lay down your hand down on it. You're just going to measure where the outside of your hand is and it's right off the shin bone right here. And again, you're going to use some moderate pressure and it might actually be a little bit tender and this point is actually been shown in numerous studies to actually help ripen and dilate the cervix. So, after a couple of minutes, you want to give it a break and move onto another point. Of course, local massage in the lower back and sacral area is going to be beneficial for opening up the ligaments and tendons of the pelvic body so that your labor is smooth and is painless as possible. But, sometimes, it's the difficult area to get to. So, both of these points actually help open up that area without even having to touch the body. And another thing that you can do with your partner to induce labor, labor is sex. So, if your OB-GYN has told you that it's okay to continue having sex in your third trimester, it is helpful because orgasms actually help you produce a chemical or hormone called oxytocin, which helps to ripen the, the cervix. So, once isn't enough, you actually have to do this a lot; but, it's a good thing and it brings you and your partner closer together. And so, like I said, you don't want to do these points until you're ready to go into labor. And if you have an acupuncture physician, they can probably suggest points that are specific to your body that will help the labor go faster. I'm Hilary Talbott, and that was acupressure for inducing labor.


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