How to Apply Permanent Lash Extensions

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Lash extensions are permanent to the extent that, when properly applied, they will stay on up until your eyelashes shed. Apply extensions safely and properly with helpful tips from a professional eyelash extension specialist in this free video on how to apply permanent lash extensions.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Dionne of D'Lashes at Salon Republic, and I'm going to show you how to apply permanent eyelash extensions. Well, in life, nothing is permanent, and fortunately your lashes are constantly growing. Your natural lashes are constantly growing. Each eyelash on Mary's eyelash and on your eyelash has a cycle of 90 days, so depending on the cycle, your lash is going to shed normally. So, that would take the place that your eyelash extension would not be permanent because it would grow out naturally with your natural eyelash. Again, to apply permanent eyelashes or semi-permanent eyelashes you would have one single hair of a silk fiber and your medical adhesive. You want to make sure the lash tech also is not using the medical adhesive or the forehead of the client on your forehead as a table to apply your eyelashes. You know there is many things that could happen. The eyelash jade stone could clip on the face or anything so really be aware that the person is not applying anything to your forehead. They want to be really aware of your whole head even if you got your hair done freshly. Make sure that your eyelashes are applied correctly that way. So, to go back to applying permanent eyelashes, you want to make sure, again, they're not permanent, because your natural lashes do shed out over the next three or four weeks so you do need to come in to get touch-ups or it is recommended to get touch-ups on the missing eyelashes that grow out, and that normally takes about a half hour, an hour depending on your lash tech and how her, how fast she is in applying the eyelashes. So, here I'm going to grab the lash, I'm going to dip it in the adhesive, and I'm going to coat, I'm going to separate, actually, the eyelash. I'm going to coat your eyelash with adhesive and the silk lash, and it's applied. I'm Dionne, and that's how you apply permanent eyelashes.


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