Tips for Achieving a Fair Complexion

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A fair complexion allows you to look good without being exposed to sunburns or browning. Achieve that fair complexion with help from a professional beautician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea of Andrea Jordan Skin Care, located in Salon Republic, and I'm going to give you some tips today on how to maintain a fair complexion. The number one thing to do is to always wear your sunscreen every day. You want to wear at least an SPF 15. I recommend 30. 30 is better. And now there's a lot of great SPF 50 products available as well. You want to go ahead and vest in something that's nice and elegant and easy to wear on your skin that wont feel too heavy. The more comfortable your sunscreen is the more likely you are to put it on. If you want to keep away inflammation, which is a common problem with people that have fair skin, you want to use something that's an anti-inflammatory. I really like this product by SkinCeuticals, it's called Phyto, and it's very natural. It's safe for pregnancy as well. And you can just put a few drops on the skin. I usually recommend to put one on the forehead, one on the cheek and another on the other cheek and spread it in. You want to use that every day under your sunscreen. It just helps strengthen your skins natural ability to fend off browning and it's very good for little acne breakouts too, as an extra plus. In the case that you have brown spots you want to use something to regulate that. This is called Pigment Regulator, also by Skin Ceuticals. Sometimes people get prescriptions from the dermatologist. Hydroclinon is one of the things that he would give you. I like the pigment regulator because it's like hydroclinon in strength but it doesn't make you sensitive as hydroclinon can sometimes do. You want to put that on every day. And you want to put it on all the areas where you might have some browning. Typically on the side of the face. Usually the left side if it's your driving side, is a very common area for pigmentation problems. Sunscreen can also help protect your skin if you work in front of a computer or under harsh fluorescent lights. And that's it. I'm Andrea, and those are some tips to maintain a fair complexion.


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