How to Naturally Remove a Tan from Your Skin

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Excessive tan lines and unbalanced tans may require natural remedies to remove them from your skin. Remove bad tans and tan lines with help from a professional beautician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Andrea of Andrea Jordan Skin Care, located in Salon Republic, and today I'm going to talk to you about removing tan; fake tan from the face, and also address how to minimize a real tan. Usually when you have self-tanner on the best way to minimize that is to do a lot of ex-foliation. You want to be careful what kind of exfoliator you choose. You can definitely choose something from the drug store or over the counter but if you have very sensitive skin you want to use things that have micro-beads or Jojoba beads in it. If you have tougher skin or thick skin, oily skin, you can use things that have granules of almonds or we can use walnut scrubs as well. Brooke has sensitive skin so we're going to use something with micro-beads in it, to help remove the false tan. The micro-beads are a lot more delicate. They still exfoliate the dead skin and they'll take off some of the tanner but they wont scratch up the surface of the skin and make you really red. We're going to clean off the scrub and when you're using scrubs it's really important to continuously rinse. A lot of times you'll feel the leftover scrub on your skin and you want to keep flushing it with water or keep rinsing your sponges until you don't feel any of the scratchy beads anymore. And then pat dry. I'm going to use a toner to help take off any other leftover tan on her skin. You can use witch hazel at home. It's available at any drug store. If your self-tanner has been built up over a long period of time and you have a lot of layers and you start to notice dryness you can use a washcloth to help exfoliate that leftover bit. Brooke's all done and her tan came off really easily but don't over rub your skin and don't try to be too abrasive to take off a tan. It's better to repeat the steps over a couple of days than to do it all at once over and over and scratch the skin. That's how you remove self-tanner from your face. If you're talking about how to remove a natural tan from your skin it's a little bit trickier. You can't really exfoliate it away but there are some steps you can do to try to help it fade away faster. Number one, you want to be really diligent about your sunscreen. Wear the highest SPF possible. And secondly you actually want to avoid being in the sun, for even short periods of time of 10, 15 minutes can keep the tan going on your skin. I'm Andrea and that's how you get rid of a natural tan.


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