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The yoga ball allows you to increase the number of yoga poses. Promote balance and flexibility using a yoga ball with the help of a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you some exercises you can do with a yoga ball. We are going to do some standing ones first, and I'm going to show you how you can do triangle pose with the ball. Reach the ball on either side, open up your feet, nice and wide. Knees are a little bit soft. Tuck your tailbone under, and lift the ball up over your head. Shoulders are away from your ears. Take in a deep breath and exhale directly to the side. This keeps your shoulders nice and steady and arms perfectly apart. Breathe deep into your body, lifting up, then to the other side. Exhale as you lower down. Then, breathe deep as you hold the pose. Exhale as you lift up again. Bend your front knee and turn your back foot sideways, keeping your shoulder square and press down neck long. Ears far from the shoulders. Lean forward into a lunge. Breathe, shoulders in. Lower the ball come into the center and then do it to the other side. Bending your other knee, turning your other foot sideways. Lift the ball up and lunge into the front bent leg. Try to get your heel right underneath your knee. Lengthen your neck press your shoulders in away from your ears. Breathe deeply. Then relax your breathing as you hold the pose. Listen to your breath. Slowly bring the ball down. And now, we are going to try tree pose. Just like you would normally bring your foot into your ankle. Find your balance. Open up your bottom foot as wide as you can. All the toes are working together. You can slide your leg in more. Use the ball and bring it up. Hold the pose and try not to think. Relax your mind breathe naturally. Hip is wide open. Breathe. Then come back down and switch sides. Bending the knee slightly that you are standing on, opening up the toes nice and wide. Bring your other foot into the ankle or higher if you like. Bring the ball up, helps you in balancing. Relax as you stretch and lengthen. And hold your pose, releasing all stress and tension, breathing deep into your body. And then, relax your breathing and breathe naturally, but be aware of it. Always listening, and let it soothe and relax you. I'm Amy Newman, and I've been showing you exercises you can do with the yoga ball.


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