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A namaste yoga routine is a typical beginning or ending to a yoga session. Learn a namaste routine with the help of a professional yoga instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert and creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I'm going to show you a namaste routine in yoga. We are going to roll down onto our lower back. All the way down with our arms by our sides. We are going to open up our feet with our knees together. Crossing our arms over our chest I want you to deep breathe. Squeezing those knees in, heels pressed in, toes wide apart. Breathe deep. Now, release your arms and bring them down by your sides opening up your knees. Round out your lower back and tilt your pelvis. Coming up into bridge. Round out your neck inhale, exhale press down. Pressing your lower back down into the mat. Then take in a deep breath, exhale squeeze your abs lift your pelvis and pull back up into bridge again. Take in a deep breath exhale roll back down rounding out your back. One more time we are going to do bridge. Take in a deep breath tilt your pelvis. Exhale lift up. Hold the bridge pose intertwine your fingers underneath and walk your shoulders close together. Lift up round out your neck into the mat and breathe deeply. Hold it for about five breaths. Release the fingers, open up the shoulders before you roll down. Press that back into the mat. And bring your feet together. Open up your knees and bring your hands on your thighs, inner thighs with your palms up. And just relax. Round out your back into the mat and breathe deeply. Hold that for about five deep breaths. Bring your knees back in together and bring them into your chest. Stretch out one leg hugging that knee in. Then cross your knee over your body with the arm going to the other side. Try to keep both shoulders on the mat. Look to the opposite hand. Relax and breathe. Roll back with that same knee back into your chest and reach for the back of your leg and stretch your leg. You can lift your head up if you like. Inhale, exhale roll back down. Bend the knee bring it down. Bring the other knee in as you stretch the other leg nice and straight. Cross that bent knee over your body reaching the other arm to the other side. Look into the opposite hand. Feel your body open breathe. Roll back onto your lower back again with the same knee pull it into your chest. Reach for the back of your leg and stretch it up. And lift up your body. Breathe, don't hold your breath. Every moment has a breath involved. Never holding always letting it flow just like your motions. Bend the knee. Bring the other knee in. Slowly rotate the knees around massaging your lower back. Then go in the other direction and you can do that a few times cause it really does feel good. Then gently roll up into your sit bones and cross your legs into easy pose. Bring your arms out. Lengthen take in a deep breath stretch your arms up. Press your palms together and bring them down in front of your heart. Neck long, namaste. I'm Amy Newman and that is a routine you can do for namaste in yoga.


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