Yoga & Pregnancy: Positions to Avoid

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During pregnancy, there are certain yoga positions that become unsafe for mom and baby. Find out what positions to avoid in this free video by a professional yoga instructor.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Amy Newman, fitness expert, creator of The Perfect 10 Workout, and I want to show you some exercises to avoid when pregnant and some exercises that you can do instead. Things that you want to avoid. Laying on your stomach, obvious. Your tummy is going to tell you what you should not be doing. You will definitely feel it strain your abdominals if you should not be doing the exercise. And we don't even want to go there. So, some exercises that you want to do would be laying on your back totally relaxing. Feet together knees apart. Relax and breathe. Inhaling through your abdominal up through your ribcage into your lungs, all the way up into your chest. Exhaling down through the ribcage into your abdominals. Breathe nice and slow. Another thing you can do is have your feet up against the wall and do the same thing. That will help you stretch out your legs nicely. If you have a wall, I'll pretend to have a wall you can also do a squat up against the wall. And just lay there very relaxed a very comfortable pose. Make sure you are pressing your lower back into the mat not arching it at all. Let's, nice and wide, breathe and relax. And let go. These are very relaxing exercises that you can do while pregnant without harming yourself at all. As you roll up, be very careful. You may want to roll onto your side. And you can switch to your hands and knees into cat pose. Cat pose also will stretch your spine without hurting your abdominal area. Lifting up and rounding out. As you round out, exhale. As you lift up, inhale. Exhale, inhale. And also you can sit on your knees. Bring your hands behind your back intertwine your fingers squeezing your shoulder blades together. And slowly lay your head back as you can open up your rib cage. This is a moderate version of cobra. Breathe deep. Opening up that rib cage breathe into your body. I'm Amy Newman. Thanks for joining me as we avoid some poses in yoga while pregnant. And I show you some that you can do instead.


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