Punch Speed and Power Workouts

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Workouts known as drills enable you to hone your punching strength and power through correct positioning and weight distribution from a variety of angles. Learn how to launch faster, more powerful punches with this free video on boxing tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mickey Demos, Jr., at Biscayne Boxing and Fitness Club in Miami. Today, we're going to demonstrate punch, speed and power workout, and our instructor is an expert in power and speed, is Danny Launcher, and he is going to commentate while he's in action. Hi, today we're going to be working on drills. Now, any time you're working on a drill, what you're trying to do is focus on a specific part of your training skill. In this case, we're doing speed and power, and this drill is going to encompass both. Generally, you just want to keep that in mind. You want to keep all your other things in order. You want to keep your hands up, still moving your head, but you want to focus on the task at hand. In this case, power. I stay covered up, I get low, I use my legs, not too complicated. I keep breathing, but I use my power, different angles, coming from the hips and waist, incorporate a little bit of speed, you want to loosen up, stay loose. Personally, I take some space since I'm a taller, longer fighter. In fact, when I'm working power, I am going to get low, use my legs, bending, I'm going to work my angles, and transfer my weight. Not only is that good for defense, for avoiding a punch, but then all my weight is here, and I'm going to take all that weight and turn it back into my punch. So, not only do I avoid a punch, the counter actually comes with more power. So, I'm here, underneath, underneath, around, wherever it may be. I lean, fire back, all my body comes back up behind me, and one punch will work off the other. I turn this one over, weight comes here, come back, come back. When focusing on power, you want to remember that all your power comes from your hips and your core and your waist. Not only do I transfer my weight to avoid punch the slip, when my weight comes over on this leg, then I'm going to take all that weight up on my toe and turn it back behind the punch. So, not only am I going to avoid a power punch, but all my weight is going to come with it. So you step over, alright, get a little low and on that pop up, that explosion is where it comes from. Relax, use your speed, use your range, then come in, move in and really work hard, angles, side step, and work your power, the speed of power.


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